Eight Man Round Robin One Pocket at Jointed Cue


We will be hosting our fourth Eight Man Round Robin One Pocket at the Jointed Cue in Sacramento, CA this Saturday, the 26th. They have been a tremendous success with the players, and our player pool keeps growing. Our next event will probably be for seniors, 65 and over. There will be a free stream again with yours truly and Bart Mahoney doing commentary. This group has quite a few of the upper echelon players from this area in it, and you can access the stream at the Jointed Cue‘s page on Facebook. We might have the u tube stream running by then and I will post the info if we have it up and running.

Welcome to The Back Room @ the Jointed Cue. We are announcing the next group for the #OPRR-4 event and its players.
This Saturday March 26th, 2022
Players meeting - 10:30am
!st Round starts at 11:00am sharp! Finals start at 5:00pm
100.00 entry -
1st place 600.00 2nd Place 200.00
Here are the invitees -
Josh Palmer
Henry Walt Dorsey*
Jim Fabionar*
Rudy Boy Estoque*
George D Pagulayan*
Julio Cereoza
Antonio Lopez*
George Vasquez*
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