ESPIRITU 60" Purple heart. 4pts up and down

jersey jer

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need some cashola. reserve is set lower than i personally think its worth (having played with this cue for a long time but...)
i truly love this cue but i already have 2 "i'll never get rid of" cues, amongst some others, and i also need to make room for a deek-a-mon coming later this year.
There may be nothing fancy about this cue but it is sharp
and the cue's condition is superb. there are a coupla people who frequent
here who know me personally and have hit with it. (your comments would be welcome)

and if anyones concerned about my trustworthiness (itrader etc)there are those who will vouch.
ny, philly, nj area people can msg me for a possible meet to see it in person.

may entertain offers
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