Euro Tour Austria Open


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Live Scoreboard

Some amazing results.

Stepanov, Konstantin loses his first 2 matches and is kicked out of the tournament. He must be disapointed with his results, being one of the top EU players.

Tony Drago is also kicked to the loserside by Skoneczny, Mariusz. He will have to win his next 3 matches to qualify for the last32. he will be playing on the tv table now.

on the TV table:
Daryl peach who got kicked to the losersside early is now getting kicked by Belgium poolplayer :cool: Pascal budo 8-4 who is on the hill. Edit: Pascal budo kicks Daryl peach out of the tournament with a greath 9-4 victory !!

Other belgium player Serge Das is crusing and will be playing Foldes for the qualification match.
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