Eurotour Hungary followed by 2 Top Class Tournaments


Didn't find anything about the following tournaments, so here we go;

Text from Mr. Gre Leenders, President of the EPBF:

Dear all,

As we already informed you I herewith send the first information for the “Beassy Billiard Festival in Eger City / Hungary. As you can see the following tournaments are open for announcement:

1. Euro Tour 10-Ball Hungary Open – 29.09.2011 till 01.10.2011 – with a total Prize money of € 42.000.00 (Paid by IBPF)
2. Beassy 9-Ball World Class open – 02.10.2011 till 04.10.2011 – with a total Prize money of € 28.900.00 (Paid by Beassy)
3. Beassy 8-Ball World’s Top Gun – 05.10.2011 till 06.10.2011 – with a total Prize money of € 30.800.00 (Paid by Beassy)

The total prize money of the 3 events is € 101.700.00

It is possible to announce for all three events via this E-mail address. After you announce for the events you will receive an invoice for the events you have announced for. After the payment is at the account your announcement is valid.
For all three events the hotel obligation rule is valid.
The official website for the 2 Beassy events is [B][SIZE="4"][/SIZE][/B]. Here you can also announce for the 2 Beassy tournaments. Announcements for the Euro Tour are only possible via the Euro Tour Website or via this E-mail address.

On behalf of the company Beassy I hope that we have informed you enough for the moment.


Gre Leenders