Ever heard of a tournament like this?

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HUH??? How long do you think that tournament lasts? Even if you win you're already stuck more than the 20bux. Its just going towards your $100+ bar/food tab. Its a total gaff imo. Definitely aimed at drinkers and suckers.
I bet it lasts longer than most. When people play in a tournament like that they're already planning to spend their money there and this just gives them something to enjoy while they're spending their money, a reason to choose that place over the one down the street. The owner doesn't want the kind of person who just enters for what they might win - that's the quickest way to kill a tournament. He's using his amusements to keep the paying customers there, and using his food and drink menu to make money. He's not using amusements to attract customers, because that's not what he wants. People who see the word 'tournament' and think only of how much they can win are of no interest to him, because they are not profitable. He knows his target audience and is ok knowing that some people are not in that target group and won't be interested. I don't understand why the rest are suckers, though.