Ever heard of Cal Hedden cues? this one pretty wild.


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I knew Cal. I wish I had bought that "Punky Punk" way back when it brought like $800. It brought almost $1400 this time it sold. He was a walking Santa Claus in looks and got paid to be Santa during that time of the year. He was still building Trikes the last time I saw him. He was one friendly guy.


Just came across this post... I am the fortunate one, who was able to buy the remnants of Cal's cue building equipment along with the Atlas lathe, equipped with custom made taper bar (it's still on the lathe) All of this, including a dresser drawer (yes, literally a dresser drawer full of shafts, butts, various cue building supplies, including the marquetry inlay strips used in the "For Punky" cue..

I knew Cal as a child, sat on "Santa's" lap a many times at the pekin Mall, later in my adult years I managed an automotive service center, and did regular service work on his vehicles. I was an avid pool player since my teens, we would talk pool some.. We attended the same church, during that time, I tried to get him to sell me his cue building stuff a number of times while he was still alive, as I had been doing minor cue repairs since I was 18 or 19.. He never was willing to part with any of it.. After his passing, I had made a number of attempts to buy his equipment and "stuff". Eventually, I was able to do that.. Thus beginning a very cool adventure of cue building, repairs, years of sorting through all the mystery parts, pieces of some oddly strange, sometimes unconventional experiments of a truly talented, completely outside the box, machinist gone wood worker's journey... The is much more to this story, and TO BE CONTINUED... Ironically ,just last week came across an old pic of my brother and I on Cal's lap at Christmas time, most likely 1975 or 76'.


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