Ever want to drive a Maserati.


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must admit i like the idea. spending 500 or few thou on a cue that you never even got to try out slays me. it would be nice to try playing with a phillipi for a few hours before deciding to spend so much for it. or a josey or searing. sure its nice to rely on reputation but for me it would be a help to also get my hands on something that i can try out before paying all that cash and not being able to return it if i dont like it.


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Renting cues might work, but you would need to have a system for insuring the cue or a very steep deposit on unique or very high end cues. Renting most cues would be like getting a Honda at Hertz. Cues are all basically the same - some wood and a joint. There's just not enough substance to make them stand out like you can with cars.

Just looking at a generic 10X scale: the difference between a $100 cue and a $1,000 cue isn't going to be that noticeable, much less a $1,000 to $10,000. But the difference between a $10,000/$15,000 car and a $100,000/$150,000 car is.

If you like to drive, try this: http://www.dfwdriveyourdream.com/tours.shtml


I think you have that backwards. There is a substantial difference between a $1000 cue and a $2000 cue. Otherwise why twice the price. As far as cars go their main purpose is to get you from here to there. A 10,000 car does it just as well as a Reventon. Let's talk about value. If you feel something is valuable you think it was worth the money. That is what value is. So as far as getting from here to there a $10,000 car is as valuable as a $150,000 car. Now with cues, a Mal-Wart cue will do the same thing as a Bushka but it does fell the same. The makers you know by name got there because they make cues that stand out. I think cues fall more in line with paintings. Sure all paintings are the same. But a Rembrant demands much more money than an Alice Mosley. But why? They are both paint and a canvas.