F/S Ebony and Ivory Olivier Set


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Playing cue-
Ivory joint collar, 3/8x10 stainless joint pin, ivory floating points set in bacote, Irish linen wrap, full size at tip, never sanded, ivory ferrule. Lightly played.
Jump/break cue-
Matching inlays, same joint, etc. ferrule is non-ivory, also full size and beer sanded.

Third shaft is a universal smart shaft, plain black collar, this was used as the playing shaft by the original owner.
Weights of both cues approx 19oz

Notes: both cues have been used, but not abused. Female owned and well taken are of. Could use refinish as the finish shows signs of age. I believe these are about 8 years old. Sticker price was $1800 then for the set without the smart shaft. Smart shaft's collar is a little scratched up, my guess is from some sort of tool to tighten or loosen the insert. Playing cue's joint collar has a hairline fracture which is only visible from the face of the joint. It can not be seen when cue is assembled.

Asking $1200 shipped, per owner. These are not mine, I can forward best offers for interested parties.




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