F.S. Ebony Rick Howard , Mezz MI-2 Mika Immonen


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Update. Mezz MI-2 is SOLD

Ebony Rick Howard For Sale.

Ebony Butt
- Two Rick Howard shafts included: 13mm Tapered to around 12.6-12.75mm (I am guestimating),
- One tip is a G2 Hard, the other is a G2 medium I believe.
- Fairly new condition,
- Cue is in great shape
- Lizard belly wrap

Make me some offers! This would be a great Christmas gift!

If anyone is worried about my feedback, my best friend has 100% feedback and sells cues on here all the time. I can use him to vouch for me. Thank you.


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Just wanted to Bump with more information. More Pictures are available upon request. If someone is interested in a trade, I will look at all proposed trades. I do not play with these cues as I prefer a Predator. They are superior hitting cues!

The Rick Howard cue is approximately 19.25oz with two 12.6mm shafts and a 3X8X11 pin.

The MI-2 is also around 19oz and the Hybrid Pro Shaft that is included is 13mm.


Happy Holidays!