F/S F/T Schemelke SP 33" butt/32" shaft


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I bought the cue new, (3-4 years?) a custom order from (David) at Scmelke cues. The butt of the cue is 33" (not including rubber bumper in length), 3/8"-10 pin, and weighs 15.2oz. I shot a few racks; (home table), finish is still like new, and it does roll straight.

I also have the shaft that came with the cue, that's 32" long, 12.6mm, 4.0oz, but it doesn't roll straight. The tip doesn't lift off the table when it's separated, but it will when the cue is screwed together and rolled.

P.S. I also have a 29 1/4" shaft that does roll straight with the butt, so the problem is in the shaft, (maybe needs to be refaced)?

If you're interested, (making an offer/trade) text:281-407-0038 and I can send pics.

PM me first, if you're interested.
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