F/S Huebler Silver Jubilee / SJ-7 w/ 2 Shafts

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Hello! I am a new member to AZ however have been an active looker for quite some time now. I have several nice cues accumulating in my home and have decided it is time to let some go. I have done my best to read the rules and understand them all. If in case I do something wrong please let me know. Thanks in advanced and I look forward to becoming a regular here in the AZ community.

Cues are currently listed on eBay as well, check them out! Listed with same title.

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  • - Huebler Industries, Inc. 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee Series - Last Cue In Series
  • - The cream of the crop in this series, the level 3 SJ-7
  • - In excellent overall shape
  • - Has never been “refinished” or manipulated in any way
  • - Two original shafts for it. At the time they came with one and you could pay more for additional shafts.
  • - Great Tips that are still very playable
  • - Sorry I don’t have a scale to weigh and I don’t know what they call these specific joints so I won’t guess.
  • - I have more pictures available


  • - Length: 58.5”
  • - Tips: Not sure of brand, may be originals. Feel like very high quality mediums
  • - Ebony Forearm
  • - Four Ebony Points
  • - Tulipwood Veneers
  • - Alternate Ivory Veneers
  • - Ebony Butt Sleeve
  • - Silver Pearlized Lace rings
  • - Silver Jubilee 1995-1998 white cyro butt cap
  • - Tulipwood Checkered Collars
  • - Alternate Ivory Boarded Ebony Diamond Shaped Inlays On Butt


  • - Huebler Industries, Inc. 2th Anniversary Silver Jubilee (SJ7) Cue
  • - 2 x Original Matching Shafts

Thanks for looking and feel free to ask me any questions. I will do my best to answer them. I have also posted these cues to eBay with a 10 day auction duration. If sold here prior; I will remove the listing from eBay, or the entire transaction can be done on the eBay link as well, whatever the buyer prefers.



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I was not aware that Huebler made any cues with pantograph points. I did own one humbler, purchased in 1989 and it played real well. Sorry that i sold it, but it was a 21 oz and i now prefer 18.5 oz cues