F/S Mark Bear Full-Splice Cue

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Cue Specs

  • Bacote Full-Spliced into BEM
  • 4 venners (Orange, Blue, Natural, Black) from inside to outside
  • Radial Pin
  • White Plastic wood to wood joint
  • Hoppe Ring
  • White w/ Brown spec linen wrap
  • Butt weighs 15.5 oz
  • Points are even but a little fuzzy at end only
  • Butt has no dings
  • The finish is in great shape. There are a couple of spots at the butt cap that the finish is chipped but there is no damage to the cue
  • Both shafts are 12.75 mm
  • One shaft is a flat laminated and is 4.1 oz. 1" LBM Ferrule Triangle tip
  • One shaft is a regular shaft and is 3.9 oz. 3/4" LBM ferrule Morri med tip
  • The regular shaft has what looks to be some black spots in the linnen ferrule that wont come out.
  • Both shafts are ding free
  • Butt and shafts are straight together and apart

This cue hits a TON. I ran across this cue about 6 months ago and the cue played so well that I order 2 cues from Mark Bear with the specs that I perfer. $750 + shipping OBO

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Poke N Hope

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Last chance for Mark Bear Full-Splice Cue

Final price $500 shipped to USA address. Paypal OK, buyer pays fees. If I do not have a buyer today it is going with me to the Carolinas Open in Goldsboro NC to sale there.

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