F/S Predator BK2 butt w/playing shaft

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For sale. Used. BK2 wrap-less. I am selling this cue without a BK2 break shaft. Instead it comes with a regular playing 314-2 shaft. Cue rolls straight together or apart. Cue and shaft are in great condition. Butt weighs 14.6oz(with 1.1oz weight bolt). Shaft weighs 4.0oz. Shaft is 12.75 mm, 29" length. Elk-Master tip. Cue plays awesome… Makes a decent sneaky/hustle cue cause some people think you're playing with a break cue and don't realize the cue has a playing shaft on it.

Ps. If you PM me with your email address I can send you more pictures… I can't figure out how to load more than one photo on this thread

$275 shipped CONUS////// SOLD. SOLD. SOLD.


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