F/S Quick-release Jump or J/B shaft


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I have available for sale a nice shaft for many of the common Q/R joints on jump or J/B cues. Originally from a Bunjee Jump cue, I bought it from Troy as a spare for my J&J J/B. Shaft is 29" long, measures 21mm at the joint, and 13.6 mm at the tip. It has been sealed and polished, rolls straight, and is clean, smooth, ding-free. Tip is a new Talisman BK. Only used it one week before my J&J got sold. Including US postage, first $30.00 owns it. I haven't taken any pics, but can if you need them. PayPal is OK. Any questions, send a PM or email to kaminokids@yahoo.com (also my PayPal email)
For an additional $5 I'll switch the tip to a White Diamond