Falcon Nick Varner World Champion Custom Cue - Ivory / 2 Shafts

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Falcon Nick Varner World Champion Custom Cue - Giraffe Bone / 2 Shafts

Ebay Listing: https://www.ebay.com/itm/132476225923?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649



  • - Falcon Nick Varner World Champion Cue
  • - EXCELLENT Condition - 0 Knicks found
  • - All white Inlays are Giraffe Bone
  • - Absolutely cannot find any specific information on this cue anywhere online. Thus I have come to believe that it is a 1 of 1 fully custom cue
  • - Pearlized silver ring work
  • - The black is not just black, it is dark wood (either Cocobolo or Ebony)
  • - 5 Ebony Points
  • - 5 Giraffe Bone outlined Ebony Diamond Inlays in the 5 points
  • - 4 Ebony Diamond Inlays In Butt surrounded by Giraffe Bone
  • - I don’t know exactly what type of wood the red wood is. I don’t want to guess.
  • - Tips feel very high quality and have tons of life left. They feel to be mediums.
  • - Sorry I do not have a scale to weight the cue with


  • - Falcon Nick Varner World Champion Cue
  • - 2 x Matching Shafts
  • - POSSIBLY a soft case IF I HAVE ONE AVAILABLE at the time of auction close. I sell locally as well so if I run out of soft cases I cannot include one.



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