FargoRate Issues


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Anyone having issues with fargo rate?
My favorites show one rating and then when I search it shows another and they are very off.
Like one person is a 497 in favorites and a 179 when searched and they are no way a 179.

Also unable to register for the new app with my membership ID. Contacted support, they responded, told them results and havent heard back.


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Patience, it took over $600 million + expense’s to get Obamacare to conform to
the perceived political preferences necessary to thrive on its own.

Have the 179 rack, break and shoot again if applicable to double check the 497.


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I think it was closer to $800B. The reason being that the job was given to a friend of the Obamas. The private sector could have developed a better working site for a quarter of that price.

Back on track, I have not tried the app yet. I'll ask a friend who has it if he is encountering the same issue.