Fast Eddies Joss event


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Sossei is playin Vinny Zuniga for the hot seat, Scotty Ireland
and Bucky Souvanthong are still alive on the left side.


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does anyone know the top three finishers?

1st: Jeremy Sossei
2nd: Vinny Zuniga
3rd: Nick Connor
4th: Bucky Souvanthong
5th: Scott Ireland

Scott was almost forfeited by the tour director, Mike Zuglan, for making an incredible scene when his opponent was in the bathroom. The details are from a party I trust (I wasn't there for the morning matches). Apparently the opponent "was taking too long" so Scott loudly said something crass (the whole room heard it), turned around and headed out the door to take a smoke. Mike Zuglan ran after him and intercepted him, reminding Scott that the event does not allow breaks (other than bathroom breaks) during a match, and especially forbids leaving the premises for any reason. Scott complained loudly, tried to go around Mike, but Mike was persistent and blocked Scott from going outside. They were chest-to-chest, with Mike threatening he'd forfeit Scott. Scott went back to the table, muttering and cursing. Scott then suffered two back-to-back defeats, 9 - 4 and 9 - 1.

Other than that excitement, the tournament was one of the smoothest and best I've played-in and attended in a very long time. The attendees enjoyed some great food (the lasagna was delicious!), the best barkeeps in the CT area, and an immaculate room that Eddie Locke shuttered the windows of, to give it that old-time poolroom feel. Here's to hoping that Fast Eddies will now be a regular stop on Mike Zuglan's Joss Tour!



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Thanks for the update. I agree that Fast Eddie's was a great venue. Had a great time there and enjoyed playing. Lot of great players there and agree Mike ran a good tournament.