female players?


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this plan never happened....lol....someday soon....actually i think i have a decent idea of what im gonna do.....im gonna get a job in the oil fields in wyoming....save up like ten grand so i can rent a room offa craigslist....for a year.....and then finally hit the practice tables...and see some other instructors...one thing for sure is I WILL BE BETTER in a year....then i can at least say i tried....and wont be an old man saying i couldof been...i will know....i may not become a world champion...but i will be way better than i am......

and maybe girls just will get in my way ....lol

Aren't you going be tied up for the next 6 months: http://forums.azbilliards.com/showthread.php?t=183260 :confused:? maybe not the best time to start a relationship. :grin:

Good luck with both!


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i dont have exceptional skills.....but i do have a drive....to be an exceptional player....

hey, im an excellent player,

I think you may need to begin with an honest evaluation of your own game. You say you are an excellent player, but you don't have exceptional skills, but you want to be an exceptional player, but you're already an excellent.....

I'm getting a headache trying to sort it all out!



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well...obviously the way i define EXCEPTIONAL and the way you define it are different.....i love pool...im good at it....and think i can be alot better....im gonna work on it......

I think you may need to begin with an honest evaluation of your own game. You say you are an excellent player, but you don't have exceptional skills, but you want to be an exceptional player, but you're already an excellent.....

I'm getting a headache trying to sort it all out!



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You have started some of the stranges threads!

Some of the good ones:


anyone wanna make me a champion...i am good..but i can be great...i am willing to put in the time ...move do what ever it takes.....

What r some goals you guys would recommend.

im a young player i want to be a champion.....im good...but i wanna be great...does anyone wanna take me under there wing...lock me in there pool room....and make me a champion.....i have no ties to anyone and anyplace....i can go anywhere.....i just wanna step it up....and become the champion i should be.....my email.....

hey everyone....i got a place to shoot......i have all the time in the world to shoot ....what is the best way to improve my speed the quickest...

im an excellent player, i want to meet up with some of portland or.....best shooters, i want to get better, anyone wanna take me under their wing, i am very serious about improving.........i really need someone to take me under your wing, you wont be disapointed, ps, i dont live there yet, but im moving , if there is someone who wants to help!

efren .......i have a friend named ANGEL in the phils that has talked to u about me, if you ever get on here, or come to america i would love if you took me under your wing

ok, i wanna take my game up, im thinking about moving to las vegas,anyone live there? that wants to take a pool player in,(have a table) im 28 repectful, dont smoke, i want to give the town a chance, i got a little bit of money for rent. and if your a player that can help me work on my game, then thats even better, well my buddy was thinking of moving too, so if u got 2 rooms for rent thats even better.

my game has come up, people are noticing it, im at a runout level, but i dont always run a rack when it can be ran, my game feels good, and my confidence is high, just my banks suck.......im almost the champion i want to be

im gonna have some money soon, im gonna go too some teachers who is gonna wanna be the one who wants to help me become a great player, whos the best

what qualities does a professional player have, what makes a pro....in ways of thinking, in ways of of acting........how did u know u were a pro......i totally think just saturating my whole brain is the answer.....i waste alot of time not playing...i recently got a job...its so dumb lol....what a waste of time.....for what? money? i dont wanna live like that...i would rather play pool and make zero dollars than chase money around......sorry for the rant....what makes a pro?

if anyone wants to take me under there wing .....i got enough money to just come there....ill do what i can once i get there

everyone on here was once a novice, then as you grow and change your thinking , and your skills change. you learn more, you play better, and more often, you found yourself playing GREAT.....

Im curious as to what all the very excellent players on here did to become that way. What was your biggest hurdle, what was your shift in your thinking, what did you begin to do differently. How did you practice and what, how much time did you spend, who did you play, who did you stop playing....what did you do differently when you weren't at the table, or even in the chair, what did you do mentally, what goals did you have, what thoughts replaced the old, And what was the one thing that you can say helped you the most to become the player you are today!

Hand down your pearls please....

im in one....what can i do to get out of it

i love this game, does anyone own a pool hall they would like to hire me at...or does anyone wanna teach me how to build cues, or something of the sort...

i want a pool related job

i have nothing going for me in life! except pool. i have almost no usuable skills to get a job....no gf....no kids...and the people i rent from are moving so i need to finda new place anyway.....

love hasnt gotten me anywhere.....chasing women...and money have let me down.....no matter what i have tried i was empty inside....

i have basically nothing.....and i have never took a risk with my life....i have never moved away....or persued anything that is important to me.....
im 28......

but i am a very great pool player.....in fact im writing this instead of looking for jobs on craigslist. I believe in pool...thats about it

If anyone ( an instructor, or a pro) wants to take me in for a few months....and improve my game...........i would be willing to travel .....

i am not a blank canvas.....i already am a very good player....i have a huge desire to play at a higher level

even if i fail miserably with pool.....at least i tried
at least i worked hard on something i cared about....

even if i never make a dollar from my efforts....I LOVE THIS GAME......I have enough money to get there.....and enough for a few months of rent......and enough for about 20 cases of Ramen
i really want to succeed at something i care about.....i know there are may great players reading this right now that may have had this same desire.....and drive.....

i mean what do i have to lose.....i have nothing....
i am an honest person.....and ill do whatever u need me to......

i just have something inside of me that needs to be expressed...im a smart person and i learn quickly.....i could be your project...your student....your success....



Is there a link so i can read about professional players....who they are, what they did, and what not...?

hey, im an excellent player, i want to spend 6 months with a good coach. who do u recommend

Dude..... you come on here about every month and ask someone to take you under their wing. You even asked some guy to ask Efren for him to take you under his wing.

You always say how great your game is, how great your break is, how your game grows in "quantum leaps".

You say today, you still don't have a job, and back in Sept. of 09, you said the same thing

But yet you always have a couple months of rent on you. What the hell do you do, where you don't work, you got no friends, no family, no girlfriend, no ties, nowhere to live, but you always have money? You can't make months of rent selling blood:eek:

I would seriously suggest getting a job and trying to work yourself up to something. A job with some growth potential and good benefits. Get a cheap place to live. Make kicking ass at your job your priority, so you can move up and make more money.

Then in all your spare time, you can practice pool.

Oh, and before you start all this, move to a pool city where there is alot of good players. This will satisfy your thirst of knowledge and will keep your ego in check with plenty of people that can kick your butt.

You can work 8 hours a day, play pool 8 hours a day and sleep 8 hours a day. Once your beating everyone in town and snapping off all the tournaments, someone surely will take you under their wing and back you and take you on a road trip.

Then quit your job, lose your benefits, lose all the work you did moving up the ladder and go have fun.

Then one of 2 things happen.

1. After your road trip is done and your backer dumps you because your too difficult to deal with, or you kept choking on the big games, or you got on the coke or something, then you can start all over.

2. You beat everyone's ass in every town and are now your ready for you big match with SVB. You lay down a lemon on him and squeak out a victory, his nose is wide open and you take him and his backers off for everything they own. SVB quits pool and goes to work selling life insurance. You proceed to move to the Phillipines and proceed to take down the whole country. You have reached your dream. No one will play you...........

except you get word about some guy from Arkansas named JoeBob, something about he wants someone to take him under their wing. You and JoeBob become best friends and live happily ever after.

The End.:D

Hope this condensed version of you past two years on AZ helps out in some way.