Field test of IPT question......:)


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The situation is the begiinning of a pool league. This league gathers team pool players from a statewide area. There are 24 five person teams made up of the most diehard pool enthuisists in the state. Eight of the teams, my team, are in a division where some of the strongest teams in the state battle it out once each month. The play begins at 11am and continues until 8/9 pm. Each team plays four full matches. Nice format as you get to play a long full day of 8ball....a good time is had by all.
At the end of the day I had to round up my drunk pool teammates for the long two hour drive home; we carpool. Being the desinated driver (damn my luck...:) ) I thought I would see if I could get a feel for what the buzz was in our little microcosm of the pool first question was: "How many fellow poolplayers ask you about the IPT's problem about the delayed payment of prize money?" are some of the responses I have filtered out......."SHUT THE FU AND DRIVE YOU IDIOT!"........"WTF IS THE IPT?"...........JUST KEEP THIS ROAD BOAT BETWEEN THE DITCHES MAN!......."ARE WE THERE YET?"......"I PLAYED THE BEST POOL OF MY LIFE BUT MY BACK WASN'T STRONG ENOUGH TO CARRY YOU DOGMEAt BASTARDS OVER THE LINE"........."YOU MISSED TWO BIH'S YOU *****DICK"........"WTF IS THE ICC GOT TO DO WITH POOL"......."WHAT WAS THE ORIGINAL QUESTION"........ "GET YOUR HAND OFF MY ASS"......."ARE WE THERE YET?"........."PULL OVER, PULL OVER....I GOTTA PUCK......."...........

Well, you get the picture........LOL


Similar thing happened to me yesterday in the bar where they had about a dozen guys playing a $10 entry 9-ball tournament. At least some of these guys know about the IPT and one of them had his wife show him how much money was won. He admits he can't work the computer. I don't think any of the others have a computer.

Anyway they were arguing about how much money Varner won. These idiots were arguing and not one of them actually has a computer. Each one a rocket scientist in his own mind.

Of course when I asked them if they knew that not one of the players had received any money from the Reno Tournament none of them knew that. But of course one of the guys said, "That is why I never bothered to get in".

Nothing changes - only the names of the players.