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This forums layout has changed a bit since I was active here so I made a mistake when I originally posted this. I thought I would re-post here, hope I haven't broken a rule or offended anybody.
Do to life changes I haven't been on the forum much for awhile and haven't played pool regularly for years. I figured it's time to stop moving these with me at every time I relocate so I'll see if anybody wants the last stragglers.
I don't have calipers anymore so I can't give dimensions.

I have a couple Dominiaks. Bill makes a hell of a players cue, check his website for refrence.

1. Curly Sweet Sixteen 18.4 oz
Barley played. No nicks, dings or bruises, the shaft isn't even blue.
1 Laminated shaft D3 dominator 3.4oz
Laminated butt 15oz
$300.00 SOLD

2.Lamenated maple and maybe cocobolo? Not sure of the model, I don't know if he makes them anymore but it is the same as his 25th anniversary model without the steel joint. Great playing cue,good bar or league cue.

This cue has seen some table time, the finish on the butt plate is chipped up and the finish is lifted in spots.
2 shafts 1 maple 4.1oz 1 laminated 3.7oz
Laminated butt 15oz
$100.00 SOLD

3. Al Bautista 8 point Purple Heart an Yellow Heart. This cue has a very small chip at the joint and a wood prep kind of problem at the top of the points up toward the joint. Not sure but looks like during sanding the yellow heart dust got into some open purple heart pores. This does take away from the asthetics put the cue plays well.No dings or bruises.
1 shaft 3.7oz
butt 14.9oz
$125.00 SOLD

4. Dunkel four point point four veneer with diamond inlays.Needs refinish and wrap, it's a shame how this cue has ended up,I only have the butt no shaft. it has a bruise near the tip of one point,can't easily see if not looking for it but can feel it. The wrap is pretty sorry, both the leather and the install.also has noticeable scratch on joint collar and some scuffs on the butt plate.
I spoke with Steve about refinishing maybe 5yrs ago, he said then that the cue would be well over a grand to have made.
butt is 13.9oz
discription makes it sound like kindling but it really isn't, it's a very nice cue that needs some tlc.
Make offer SOLD

I also have a J&J butterfly jump break if anyone is interested.

I want to keep this all to one post so I'm only including 1 pic for each cue, if your interested in one pm me and I can email more pics.

I have moved a number of times since my shinney new cue stage here at AZ so I will have to buy all the shipping tubes and bubble wrap etc for these so I'm not interested in a whole lot of dickering but you can make a honest offer.Prices don't take into consideration shipping, that is open to discussion.



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