Finally Given Up Playing


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I quit in the Fall of 1979... I was working 6 days a week at BOEING, sometimes 10-12 hours a day.

In 1998, I retired from BOEING. In 1999 my new wife & I went to a Moose club, to go dancing. They had a great little Pool Room & I noticed they had tournaments from time to time. We joined the moose Club that evening & a few weeks later an invitation came to play in the Pool Tournament.

I started up playing again. In early 2001, I won a State Championship. In 2002, I introduced the BreakRAK. In 2005, I wrote a book on the Break Shot. I'm still in it at 74.

If it's in your blood, you'll be back. If not enjoy your life...


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I think the key is that you haven't been playing much. Since pool relies so much on muscle memory, if you don't put in the playing time, it's bound to get frustrating.

I retired early and now I'm enjoying pool more than ever. I practice every day, so my game is the best it's ever been. It's fun when you're a top league player and can play cheap money games and kick butt. LOL


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You've been one of my favorite posters on this forum.

I'm glad you gave up smoking, but not so much on the pool thing.

I never asked your age but I have to confess, I am curious now. If you're still playing football it's likely you're less than half a century. Regardless, continue to enjoy yourself and when you get too beat up on the field, come on back to what you do best.