For Sale - make offer - Pre-1945 Willie Hoppe titleist


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Did the following post - recieved two estimates $600 and $650. Deno Andrews replied to an e-mail suggesting up to $900. Will sell in day or two. Will consider all.

Had this cue 37 years - great shooting stick. Inlays, Ivory ring at bottom, no rubber butt cap, leather wrap, 21oz custom, 55" with 12mm tip, original black ferrule. In good shape with old leather case. Need the money, but unsure what to ask for it. Any help?

1 7/16" at butt, 1 1/4" above wrap 7/8" at joint and bottom of shaft.

“Classic Billiards” site says the Willie Hoppe Decal is Pre-1945.

Will answer questions:
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Let's try this again, shall we?