For Trade / Sale: Oliver Stops Original for cue with Uniloc joint


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Am selling my Oilver Stops cue with 2 shafts purchased from Mark / saint1.

Photos here:

Cue is in the same condition as I received it. Shafts have a stiff, almost conical taper and not a ding on them. Ferrules are spotless with Triangle tips. Butt is 14.8oz, both shafts match at 4.6oz and 12.7mm at base of ferrules. Cue has a slim handle like a Schon.

Butt is made of a synthetic material called "Wingopas" invented by the cuemaker that is 40 times harder than wood. Despite this, there is a scratch just above the wrap lol - will take a clearer photo when I can. Cue has good feedback and a stiff, hard hit - one of the nicest steel jointed cue I have tried. I prefer a fatter butt though.

Will trade for a cue with Uniloc Radial joint. Will consider partial trades and cash offers.
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