Foul on break rules, Valley pool league


On the break an object ball goes off the table but the cue ball stays on the table. This is a foul but not a scratch of the cue ball. How is the incoming player to handle the cue ball? ball in hand anywhere, ball in hand in the kitchen or play cue ball where it lies? or does the incoming play have options with the cue ball? Valley rules say a scratch on the break is ball in hand in the kitchen. This happened during leagues a week ago.

randy maha

From my VNEA rule book,
#9If a player jumps a ball off the table(on the break)it is a foul and the incoming player has the option of (1) accepting the table in position and shooting,(2) taking the cue ball in hand behind the headstring and shooting. Any jumped balls are spotted in numerical order.
The break shot is a special animal.
When a scratch occurs on the break the incoming player has extra options to concider.
If the 8 ball was the "jumped ball" it would have been loss of game. I wonder if that has ever happened on the Break??