Free Live Stream Jayson Shaw US1Billiards Pro/am


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February 6th-7th, 2021 LIVE from US1Billiards Pro/am limited to 64 players is almost filled already !!
We will be live on Facebook at it is open to the public so everyone can watch for Free !!
Time to get geared up once again !!
Free Live Stream starts both days at 11am EST.


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anyone have the feed yet? waiting on the facebook page just i'm just making sure i have the right place and that i'm not doing something wrong

mike young

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so where is the stream, i cannot find upstate als facebook page anywhere and its not live now ar 11 .10 am whats up with this?


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The final 4 came down to Jesus Atencio, Jayson Shaw, Mike Deshaine, & Kevin West...
Kevin (WWWW - Walking Wounded Warrior West) was hurt/sprained his ankle real bad!! But like a warrior continued...
Jesus from Argentina played great... Mike D... for not playing alot shot GREAT/shows he still has it... Jayson
played like a champion... even as he was so busy running things, cooking, etc GREAT Event Overall...
I was going to post all the scores BUT some may NOT want or have seen them & rather not know
till they watch the matches... to those who have NOT seen them... it is worth your time!!

& a Special Thank You to Up State Al for having the FREE stream... if you get a chance view the matches...
they should be avail here... Facebook
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