FREE STREAM Night One Justin Bergman vs. Ricky Evans 4/20

Hey everyone! We have a great match up tonight with one of the top US Pro's Justin Bergman facing red hot up and comer Ricky Evans on our Table Titans Streams FB page. We are starting things off with some fun, they will be teaming up to take on Table Titan Billiard's own Brandon Agee and Jeremy Hundley in a quick scotch doubles match to warm up, then Justin and Ricky against each other will both play the ghost- alternate break 9 ball, race to 15 wins against the ghost wins! Tonights stream is free.

Thurs they play for the $2000 pot and will play races to 15 in different 3 games, best 2 out of 3 games wins- 9 ball, 10 ball, and 8 ball. That is for subscribers only to our page, which is super easy and only $9 and you can cancel after the event is over unless you would like to continue to watch our matches on our page. Very simple approach, hope everyone loves the match up over the next two days. Here's a link to the FB page, starts tonight at 7 pm CST. -


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How did this end up?
Sorry long weekend with our tournament. Bergman won the 10 ball match 15-8 and the 9 ball match 15-10 on the 9 ft. This weekend it also ended up being him and Ricky Evans in the finals of our tournament and it was a hell of a finals match Justin won 9-8