FS: 8 Point Snakewood Richard Phillipi Sr.


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FS: 8 Point Snakewood Richard Phillippi Sr.

I am posting this cue for a buddy of mine. It's a very nice Richard Phillippi Sr., made in the early 1990's. The cue, very recently has been re-finished and had a pig skin wrap installed and all work was completed by Phillippi Cues. Cue has not been played since the re-finish and comes with 2 shafts, both 12.75mm. One is original and the other was recently made. The weight is 19.4 oz. and a 58" split. The cue is Snakewood wood with 8 points with 8 "real" arrows. Pictures pretty much tell the story. Priority USPS shipping within the CONUS. Sale Pending! Please pay via Paypal within 48 hours of purchase. Add 3% if not sent through Paypal friends and family. PM with any questions. Thanks for looking and Good Luck!


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Beauty. Also, the name is spelled with 2 Ps at the end. Phillippi. Might help if people use the search feature.