FS: Diamond Professional 9" Table w/matching light


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Selling my Diamond Professional 9" table as I sadly will have no space in our new place. My loss is your gain as they say. I play one-pocket and banks mainly, so let's just say that this table hasn't seen many hard break shots. Here are the details. Will post some pics later on.

- 9" Diamond Professional table with 3-piece slate
- 4 years old (bought it brand new), in amazing condition as very lightly used by pretty much just me (in our house)
- Oak wood, with rosewood finish
- Round rail corners
- Type 3 legs
- Drop pockets
- Green tournament Simonis cloth
- Matching Diamond light (amazing light coverage of the whole playing surface)
- Matching Diamond rack
- Aramith tournament balls with two cue balls (measles and regular cue ball)

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That’s a super nice table. Did you option for a different set of legs?

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