FS: Dishaw (Red Palm & Ivory)


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FS: Dishaw (Red Palm & Ebony)


Said I would never sell it, but if I can get what I need I will.

Dishaw, (2006)
19.4oz - Radial Pin​
Red Palm, Butt and Forearm​
6 - White in Ebony Diamond Inlays​
6 - (3 Hi/ 3 Low) Ebony Points w/Holly/Ebony/Holly Veneers​
High points have white inlays in bottom of points​
Low points have Ebony Spear Inlays at top of each points​
4 - Brass/Ebony w/White/Brass Rings​
White Sleeved Joint and Butt Cap​
Black Textured Leather Wrap (Invisible Seam)​
5 Shafts - Two Original w/Matching Rings & White Ferrules (One Never Chalked), 314 w/Matching Ring, 314-2 30" & Universal Smart Shaft (All Shafts Roll Straight)​
Matching Joint Protectors 1B/2S​

There is two issues with the finish of the cue that happened the week I got it. The first is a fairly deep scratch butt sleeve, just under halfway down that extends to the butt cap. Second is a chip also in the lower butt cap. Pictures of both attached. Dan quoted me approx. $250 to repair and refinish about 5 years ago.

Asking $1,500.00


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