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Hey guys,

I am selling my Frey Sneaky. It's a pretty new cue that was purchased right from Frey's website in January 2016 and sent to me from az member gkloop (who I understand is Frey's authorized dealer). Selling because I am now fully on the Mezz wagon and want to clean out the case.


Butt: 14.9oz, thin handle at 1.24in measured at the butt cap
Shaft: 3.8oz and 12.95mm
Tip: Kamui Black Medium (lots of life left)
Joint: 3/8x10

Cocobolo into Birdseye Maple

Butt rolls straight. Shaft has a taper roll. When rolled together the roll is a little bit more pronounced. Tip does not leave the table but that always depends on the table it rolls on. Again though, this is only an issue if you're as overly particular about cues as me. Does not effect play at all.

Sold pending payment


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