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Here is a custom cue by Harry Richards.Radial pin cue 4 point bocote into birdseye maple.Bocote butt sleeve with minor dings and scratches .Joint material is brownish red phenolic with fancy index ring work. Butt cap is brownish red phenolic with fancy index ring work. Cue has a brown and white irish linen wrap with brownish red phenolic ring work . Cue weighs around 18.4 and 19 oz I am use to playing with preadtor shafts and have played around with the weight of the cue.The cue comes with one orignal shaft with fancy index ring work that is just under 13mm with a fibre ferrule that has some scratches on it.This was my playing cue for 5 years it has a very nice hit to it.

If you want a nice looking cue that is fancy but not flashy this is the cue for you. Please pm me with your offers keep in mind I was offered $600 just the other day.

I am fine just keeping the cue but if i can get a nice offer it will sell.The cue buyer will pay the S&H or if need to have a third party involved will take Paypal only

Here are some pics below of the cue






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