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Almost new Meucci cue (5 days old from receiving it in the mail). I'm done shooting with it. Low deflection shafts are just not for my playing style. It's ridiculously easy to spin the cue ball so I keep putting way too much English on every shot. I know that's a personal stroke issue and not a cue issue but I just can't get used to aiming with a low deflection shaft. Good shooter but too much unwanted cue ball action for my playing style.

- 19oz.
- 30" Ultimate Weapon PRO shaft. 11.65mm diameter. All factory specs except 1" longer.
- Assembled cue is 59".
- Ultraskin Medium tip.
- I received it on 3/12/18. Shot a little bit with it that same day. Shipping and invoice screenshots to confirm age of cue.
- Played in a small tournament 3/13/18.
- Shot a few hours Friday 3/16/18 and put it back in the case for the last time.
- The cue comes with a new 1x2 hard case.

Length of shaft means it was a "custom" order so it's not returnable or eligible for an exchange where I purchased it. As shown on the invoice I paid $379. Looking to get $340 for it. Basically 10% off retail price for me shooting with it for about 5 hours. Maybe a trade for..........?








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