FS: Mezz EC7 (Cocobolo)


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Hey guys,

For sale is my Mezz EC7 in cocobolo. Bought this a little more than two months ago but I think I have a lot of cues and am not shooting as much anymore. This is the straightest cue I have ever owned and has a solid feel. A lot of people have always liked Mezz cues and this is a great one. Excellent figure in the cocobolo.

Butt: 15.0oz w/ weight bolt
Shaft: WX700, 4.5oz
Tip Size: Stock diameter for a WX700, ~12.5mm
Tip Brand: Stock tip, Kamui Brown Soft
Wrap: Stock Black Linen
Joint: Mezz United Joint, comes with joint protectors

Straight together and apart. No dings or dents. More pictures will be added.

Price: SOLD


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More pics

Bump. Offers accepted, trying to move this so you never know...


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