FS Rusty Melton Cases


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2 like new came to me from dennis glenn the balabushka and
szamboti collector

these cases have been housing cues in a vault,never seen daylight

1 is $600 ...a 1x2 hustler movie stle case,in the very best leather
no tooling .

if i were looking for the pefect carry case,this would be it

no 2 year wait,i have it now


a 2x4 fully tooled,tear drop style
fully tooled

every inch is flashy tooled

i will sacrifice this case for $1100 today

do not expect to carry this case and fly under the radar

people will notice this case

it is obviously quality of the first magnitude

this is the case that made Rusty the number 1 name in pool cue cases


214 477 7323

why wait 2 years


Tatuaje in the house🤘🏻
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dean has a money back if you dont like it ....truely one of the best on az...:thumbup: he will not post pics....someone has to do it for him...


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the case is on the way to rusty now
it has a tiny color thing
rusty is fixing it and we will post pictures

if you wait until the pictures it will probably be sold
or it will sell for $1500 like the last one i sold