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  • Dean are you still interested in the wrapless South West cue you and I discussed a few months ago?
    Though we had a different opinion on you sales techniques of the Jackpots, I personally miss seeing you post on AZ, know quite a few others feel the same. Hope you, the wife and family are during well during the pandemic.
    You should be banned from the site, you are a fraud and a disgrace to Billiard hobbyist everywhere. I will be petitioning the administration for you to be permanently banned from all AZB sites and activities as you have clearly violated the EULA you agreed to when you joined this site.
    I don't blame you for not wanting to look any more, some of these people are just ridiculous. I am appalled at the administrator for his actions in this.
    As far as I am concerned you did nothing wrong , In fact I have a feeling it probably cost you money to make them.
    But now I think these guys have got a couple of your buyers a little worried about resale value, as if that should even be an issue.
    Hope you and Jack and your families are healthy and happy ,if there is ever anything I might be able to help with , please let me know.
    PS Bob Jewett gave me red rep for posting in the wrong forum , the twerp never messaged me or I would have happily deleted it.
    Funny thing is when I wrote this message to you Dean , the first time I sent it ,I gave it back to myself, roflmao,
    I looked in my messages and thought what the heck is this.
    I still find humor in that, even though it means my brain is cooked, lol
    The beat goes on buddy , the beat goes on.
    Hope you and Jack and your families are all doing great. azbilliards has a couple of handfulls of dumbasses that try to ruin it for everyone, I don't know if you were ever on recsportbilliards but one guy almost single handedly shut that place down , he was known as Fast Larry, it took him about 8 years but he was a dedicated asshole.
    Best wishes Bill
    Please give me real answer to who made the jackpot cues? The whole story please
    I listed one on Facebook and people are slamming me about the origin
    Pat 816-729-7669
    Mike Dickey 11875 Co. Rd. 8070 Rolla Mo. 65401. 2nd.Round. Jackpot cue deposit. 60 inch please. On the Runde shaft no need to have it cleaned. Thank you Dean always a pleasure. hope you got your missing cue back. 573-467-1095.
    The tips are original to the cue, one shaft never been chalked the other only shot a couple games, this is a really nice like new cue in black and white. Like most of Tads better cues.
    Hi Dean,

    Mark from Buffalo that purchased the Tony Guerra Mystery Cue from you last year.

    I'm curious as to if you know what tips were on those shafts, or did you replace them.

    I ask because I shoot really well and have no issues controlling the cue in any manner with the original shafts. However I have since purchased a really nice Guerra Hickory Burl cue with 2 original Guerra shafts and 2 Jacoby's and I absolutely hate the tips, constantly miscuing and on draw shots the cue flies off the table.

    I have an email into Tony to ask him opinion but I figured I'd ask you as you said you really liked the way that cue hit, just wondering on the tips.

    BTW I heard you're giving pool up. That's hard to imagine pal. Hopefully whatever has you in a slump works itself out and you get the itch again.

    Hope you're doing well.


    Dean, here is my address.
    Keith Walton
    P. O. Box 604
    Morris, Illinois 60450

    I need you address to send the cue to you.
    I have quite a few trains that I would consider trading for a cue.
    Give me a call and we can discuss itI am in New York .845 729 5306.
    Just wanted to make sure you got our address for the carbon fiber shaft. Oh, by the way, that table is not going to look good in that beautiful room. Just saying! Should be in a 50s soda fountain.

    1108 Evergreen Farm Dr
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