FS: Searing sneaky, Lomax j/b, -R-, Searing shaft made for JW


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Nowadays I barely make it to pool hall and smashed my car last week so I need to buy a new one. No trades please unless it is a car, hahahha

Searing and Lomax pictures, both cues around 19oz, one shaft each Lomax shaft is 12.75 and Searing one 13mm:


S: 2700$--------->Price Drop 2600

Jerry -R- cue, titlist veneers. One full shaft. around 18.5oz, Cortland wrap and perfect condition- did not play much with it after refinish



Searing shaft 5/16x14, 28.5 inches, made for old 57 inch JW, micrata ferrule, 12.25mm at the tip- was ordered this way from Dennis 15-20 years ago. dead straight, only problem is finish around silver ring on collar is lifted (will post pictures so you can see)

S shaft: SOLD

I will get full specs in a day or two, only for serious cash buyers

All prices are for shipped cues/shaft in North America. please paypal as gift or add 3-4% whatever the fees are nowadays
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