FS: Skip Weston 8-Pointer

Deno J. Andrews

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Well, I hate to sell it but it is not 100% original. Apparently the wrap was done by someone other than Skip. Being and originality purist, the cue must go bye bye. Here are the details:
Weight: 19.33oz
Shaft 1: 13mm, ferrule looks live ivory but I think it is a synthetic. 99% condition.
Shaft 2: 12.88mm, unknown ferrule material 95% condition. Needs to be cleaned and burnished.
Butt section- 100% condition

http://www.3cushion.com/On Line Collection/Cues/skipweston.htm

The picture of the forearm doesn't do the purple heart justice. The color is a very deep purple. I don't have much into the cue, so I will entertain reasonable offers before putting it up on ebay.



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can you please pm me a ball park figure.. i am not up to date on what the skips sell for or cost.. i hate making a blind offer not knowing.. atleast if you give me a ball park number to work with, i can decide if something i would like to pursue or pass on.. thanx..