FS: Two Taiwan Ebay Wood Pin Cues


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I'm gonna be moving soon (again :boring2:) and can't see moving extra stuff (again),so I have these two cues I bought on ebay a couple years ago. I was really interested in how the big wooden pins hit,they feel pretty sporty actually except for the really large conical taper.
I don't have a pool table anymore so I can't really roll em too see what they're like but neither one flops like a fish on my kitchen table.


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Overall condition?


May I ask what overall condition of each is in? Scratches, dents, dings, nicks, slight warpage, etc. Also, do you have any of specs, eg. weight, etc.

I now you mentioned you didn't have a table to roll them on, but if you're able to roll them somehere good, and they're dead straight and they're not over 19oz I'd like to be first in line to take them both in 5 hours when I'm off of work today.