G2 Medium vs Zan Medium


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So I purchased a Mezz Ignite for my custom cue being built. I was wondering people's opinions on the G2 Medium vs Zan Medium. I liked the Zan Medium on the Ignite I hit with but, I always wondered how G2 tips are. Is the medium G2 comparable? Is it softer/able to put more spin on a ball?



I love the G2 Medium. Have them installed on both my shafts for some years now and they still play amazing, no glazing at all. One of them has about 4-5 layers left, the other is at around 1.5 layers. Both still hold chalk well (Pred1080), I never had unexpected miscues except on badly executed shots. The one with 1.5 layers feels like a Hard tip by now, but plays well nonetheless. At the start there was little mushrooming, but they settle pretty quick.


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I've tried a G2 and a Zan Medium, both on Revo shafts and prefer the Zan. The Zan has been on my Revo for nearly 8 months and it doesn't need replacing yet. The G2 is similar but my buddy plays less as well.

The 1080 chalk is my least favorite of all chalks, nest to Silver Cup, but that has no bearing on tip quality.