Gabe's Aunt on Life Support-SOFLA makes very generous CHALLENGE to AZB'ers!


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(The mods may want to move or delete this from "Main Forum", but it is pool related, as explained below. I just wanted most all AZB'ers to see it, so posting here too)

My son's, Gabe Owen, dear aunt Janet, (since he was born, and my sister-in-law for 40+ years) has been on LIFE SUPPORT for the past 2 weeks.

Here is the LINK to the story on GoFundMe site:

I have also posted a thread in the NPR (non pool related) section here on AZB.... It is titled "Calling All Angels..."

AZB'er "SOFLA" has made a VERY generous CHALLENGE to MATCH all AZB'ers donations up to $500.00 for this fundraiser! I can't pass that up!! :) :) :angel:

SOFLA said on the other thread: "I'll match any AZ donations up to $500 that gabesmom verifies to my by pm. Gabe's been a favorite of mine since I saw him win the US Open."
For those that can help, please take up SOFLA'S CHALLENGE, AZB'ers!! What an AMAZING, GENEROUS OFFER Sofla has made!!

Any amount, small or all adds up.

Pool related.... :) There are REWARD LEVELS on the bottom of the Fundraising page!!

Gabe is offering his "ONE POCKET MY WAY" DVD's....the beginner/Intermediate AND the "ADVANCED", (2 DVDs)for donations, [see the Reward Levels] with FREE SHIPPING!

If you make a donation on the fundraising page, please put "AZB" or "AZBilliards" with your name on that page, and then send me a PM with your name, shipping address, and we will ship the DVD/DVD's (according to the donation) to you for FREE!

And I can fill up Sofla's INBOX! :) :)

Thank you for any consideration. Prayers and positive energy thoughts are welcome too.

(to clarify...her last name of Conduff is my maiden name before I married Gabe's dad, cuemaker Bob Owen, but we divorced when Gabe was 2 yrs old)

God bless you all and yours!
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Bumping for those who may have missed this.

Please take up SoFla's CHALLENGE, as mentioned in OP, if you are able to!! :)

God Bless all of you and yours!! :)


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:wave: Thank you Nostroke!! I have let Sofla know!
Thank you so very much. The family is truly humbled by AZB'ers help at this very traumatic time.