Game That Teaches The Most Skills?


My Choice

I like to play straight pool to practice.I love one pocket but no fun playing alone and neither is 8-ball.I think that playing every game makes a better player(including 3 rail billiards or just hits).


When I practice 14.1 alot, my 9Ball, 10Ball, and 8Ball game improves. I get myself in less jams, and play better patterns in those games. I think my shooting from the rail has improved by spending time playing 14.1. I think in 14.1 you assess risky shots/risky situations more accurately because if you miss you're going to be sitting longer than in 9Ball or 8Ball, there is no Alternate Breaks in Straight Pool. Even in One Pocket you can make a mistake and your opponent only gets a couple of balls and you can still get back in the game. Straight Pool is like playing a Race to 1 in One Pocket, 8 Ball, or Rotation. Would people put up all their Cheddar on the line for a Race to 1 in One Pocket or 10 Ball?

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