GBE Contributing to the Bright Future of Billiards Industry


China Guangzhou International Billiards Exhibition 2017 (GBE 2017)
Date: March 9th-11th , 2017
Venue: Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex

In 2016, the billiards industry has made some new progresses. Being free form the traditional development mode, the enterprises are striving to develop towards integration that closely round the billiards contests. Along with the expansion of the contest, some enterprises begin to explore the new idea of development.

As for the international trading of billiards industry, China Guangzhou International Billiard Exhibition (GBE) which is the only professional large billiards exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, will usher its next session. GBE 2017 will be held in Area A of Guangzhou Import and Export Fair Complex during March 9th - 11th, 2017.

With the development for consecutive ten years, GBE has been stronger and stronger. Not only does it set a professional platform for the exchange and cooperation of global billiards industry, but also be incredibly approved and supported by the insiders. In 2017, GBE is going to keep moving forward and it is expected to achieve the win-win development with every one.

Review of GBE 2016
The 10th GBE was kicked off in the Area A of Guangzhou Import and Export Fair Complex during March 9th - 11th, 2016. During the three-day grand exhibition, GBE 2016 had drawn a large number of insiders and visitors at home and aboard.

Business trading and teaching promotion strike sparks off each other
While the billiards industry chain getting enhanced, a more diversified subject has shown up. From the GBE 2016, we can well learned that the main area of the exhibition has been transformed from the single billiards supplies into a diversified integration of products, teaching and contest. For example, Wiraka Billiard Academy as well as the pool tables are the highlights of Wiraka company, and the excellent performances of the students in the academy are quite eye-catching. Besides, Mr. Luo Sui, as the honorary dean and president of teaching department of Asian Pool & Billiard Academy, brought his new textbook while Mr. Lin Shenyong, as the director of Asian Pool College and coach of Qatar National Team, attended the exhibition as well.

Splendid interaction between the celebrity and the billiards fans
Interactive communication is of great significance. For several years, GBE has been creating a platform for the celebrities and the fans to have splendid interaction on billiards sector. But GBE 2016 offered a more extensive platform for billiards fan, making an exclusive interactive area for the billiards fans and a display area for franchise chain enterprises. On the spot, famous billiards stars such as Mr. Xu Jie and Mr. Florian Khloe, Mr. Kelly Fisher, Mr. Fagafaga Poots, Mr. Liu Chuang, Mr. Wang Ye, and the well-known film stat, Mr. Wu Zhenyu attended in GBE, added luster to the exhibition.

The great masters presented at GBE
Unlike the mass production of manufacturing industry, billiards supplies are born with artistic characteristic and valuable craft technique. In GBE 2016, many distinguished masters such as Mr. O’Min, Mr. Mei Baowen and Mr. Hunt who are skilled at making billiards rods had communicated with the billiards fans. Their appearance on the show was a big welfare for the GBE and the visitors.

Great support from the media for ten years
In the course of tenth anniversary of GBE, a number of media comprising Letv Sports, MY 147, TOP 147, Pool Bond, KK Live broadcast, Zhangyu TV, Guangdong TV Station reported the exhibition while the media like Letv Sports, Zhangyu TV, KK Live Broadcast and etc had live broadcast on the spot.

GBE Tenth Anniversary Dinner
In GBE 2016, the Organizing Committee specially held the World Billiards Night and GBE Tenth Anniversary Dinner to appreciate all the support and concerns by every one. Many famous industry insiders and news media had been attracted to GBE, as well as international leading billiards stars from more than 30 regions and areas, including Britain, Germany, America, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Egypt, Iran, Philippine and so forth.

GBE 2017 is going to be held in Area A of Guangzhou Import and Export Fair Complex during March 9th - 11th, 2017 with concurrent events including VR & AR, GTCFF, TPF. It is expected to span over an area of 100,000 square meters among which the billiards hall covers an area of 1,5000 square meters.
The prospect of GBE 2017
In the excessive entertainment age, sports, leisure and entertainment are being the crucial parts of people’s life and have great market potential. The sport entertainment, sport competition, sport film and television, sports variety show are being the necessity of entertainment activity, so the extend industry chain of billiards industry is an unavoidable choice. In 2017, GBE will contribute to the billiards industry to get more development chance with an openness view.

Ongoing resource integration of billiards industry at home and abroad
GBE has set up the International Department and Domestic Business Department since from the establishment so as to well bring forth the organization and publicity of domestic and oversea exhibitors, visitors. With the ten-year accumulation, GBE 2017 is about to begin a brand new exhibition preparation to ensure the professional and international standard of GBE, to upgrade the brand image of GBE.

So far, the publicity promotion of GBE 2017 has already been in full swing and fully supported by a few international well-known associations. While keeping close cooperation with regular clients, the Organizing Committee of GBE has also achieved cooperation with a lot of oversea billiards associations comprising European Pocket Billiard Federation, Norwegian Billiards Federation, Fédération Luxembourgeoise des Amateurs de Billard(FLAB), United States Snooker Association, IPA(International professional pool players association), Snooker Thailand, Hellenic Pocket Billiard Union, Cyprus Pocket Billiard Federation and etc. GBE 2017 will continue to enhance the international influence.

Since from the overall exhibition preparation, GBE 2017 has gained high concentration abroad and the purchasers has taken active participation. For now, there are almost a hundred oversea exhibitors comprising of Sunville Trading Inc, Sports Bar Leisure Group Pty Ltd, Pool Tables (Thailand) Company Limited, The MJW Group, Kozoom Store, 3r Billiard-Ashok Wood Works & Timber Industries, Games for Fun, Iran Snooker Center, Theory Cues, Joba Leisure BV, Hani Shahrouri company, Arizona billiard academy, llc, Champion Snooker Academy, OBC POOL & CAFE, Victory, Jacques Coopman.

The integration of VR & AR and other game, entertainment resources
Nowadays, game industry such as AR & VR has been the hit with an extensive application. For recent years, the billiards industry has attempted to develop towards entertainment with the diversified trend. In terms of various platforms and forms, the billiards industry has achieved a few successful cases.

In 2017, GBE 2017 will be concurrently held with VR & AR, TPF with integrated resources. Not only has the billiard industry achieved crossover innovation and integration, but rendered a golden opportunity for crossover cooperation.

Creating a display platform for new and exquisite products
GBE has been always engaged in promoting the innovation development of billiards industry. From the perspective of innovation, GBE expands the market of excellent products with close concentration on the new trend of billiards industry. In 2017, GBE keeps strengthening the innovation of exhibition and sincerely invites the powerful enterprises to attend GBE with their good products and innovation idea.