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Finally the straight pool matches of the recently held matchday of the German Premierleague are available on youtube and even in HD

Please bear in mind that the straight pool matches were not played on the TV-Table so the videos start somewhere in between as the crew of "poolstage" quickly reset the cameras to film the remaining innings of the straight pool matches. Without commentary

I'd also like to remind you that the players sometimes experienced bad rolls due to the table set-up. The matches are played in the Holiday Inn Hotel in Stuttgart and the tables were stored in the cellar until the morning of the matches so the slate was cold and the tables probably not really level.
The table is the all new Sam Billards K-Steel II with very very tight pockets

Now sit back and enjoy some straight pool from Germany - all matches are races to 200

Andreas Roschkowsky (orange shirt) vs Christoph Reintjes (orange and black shirt) - Roschkowsky runs 103 and out

Andreas Roschkowsky (orange shirt) vs Manuel Ederer (black shirt)

Wolfgang Scheder (red shirt) vs Manuel Ederer (white shirt)


Thanks for these links! I'm pretty new the game of straight pool but I'm starting to get into it a lot. Highest run thus far is only in the mid 40's though.

Needless to say, thanks for the links. Gonna go watch em right now :)


Hello from Stuttgart/Germany,

this weekend Pool-Stage broadcasts the German Bundes League live from the Holiday Inn Stuttgart. These are the matches:

Sat., 15 Jan, 01:00 pm local time, (7:00 am Eastern Standard Time): BC Oberhausen vs. BSG Osnabrück
Sat., 15 Jan, 07:00 pm local time, (1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time): PBC Bork 73 vs. 1. PBC Hürth-Berrenrath
Sun., 16 Jan, 10:00 am local time, (4:00 am Eastern Standard Time): BC Oberhausen vs. 1. PBC Hürth-Berrenrath
Sun., 16 Jan, 03:00 pm local time, (9:00 am Eastern Standard Time): PBC Bork 73 vs. BSG Osnabrück


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