German Premierleague


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German Premierleague matches can be watched live and for free now!

The first match starts at 11am CET (6am EST) and a second match is shown today at 6pm CET (1pm EST)
Tomorrow two more matches are held at 9am CET (4am EST) and 2pm CET (9am EST)

The first match today is BC Oberhausen vs Fortuna Straubing. Oberhausen plays with Niels Feijen, Oliver Ortmann, Andreas Roschkowsky (100% success in 14.1 last season)

In the first match you'll see 9-Ball.

The format is 4 individual games. 14.1 race to 200
8-Ball best of 3 sets, race to 5 to win a set. Winner break
9-ball best of 3 sets, race to 6 to win a set. Winner break
10-ball best of 3 sets, race to 5 to win a set. Winner break

Enjoy the best pool Germany can offer - sadly no Hohmann or Souquet take part

These livestream matches do not take place in the "home teams" room, but in the Holiday Inn hotel Stuttgart where a conference room is turned into a nice pool room with TV standard lighting on one table and lots of space for spectators. Definately worth a visit if you're near Stuttgart when a matchday takes place
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