GO - CUSTOM Snooker (10mm) Review


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I have had this cue for a couple of months now. Wanted to give it good use before posting review. I got the full cue (butt and shaft).

Specs (which is what I ordered):
Butt: 29.5 in/16oz
Shaft: 29.5 in/4.1oz/10mm/ZAN Hybrid Max (my favorite tip)
Balance point is 19 in

Fit and finish:
Cue came almost exactly as I specified. Only 1oz difference in total weight, so pretty darn good.
Cue is more of a matt black color with maybe just a little grayish tint.
Shaft is slick. Very similar feel as my Revo 12.9
Shaft (also carbon fiber) has no wrap. Slick, but not to the point it slips in the hand (my opinion).

Performance (IMHO):

Although it has been stated zero deflection, I think most of us know that is not really possible. However, I will say it has the least deflection of any shaft I have used and that includes my Revo 12.9. Almost, but not quite "point and shoot".

I think the feel is the best of any carbon fiber shaft I have used and I have tried a lot of them.

Moves the cue ball with ease. No issue to me with the smaller tip size. Although I haven't tried everything out there, it does it better that anything I have owned.

Only downside is the small (10mm) tip diameter. You need to be really accurate. At first I didn't think I was going to keep it, as my shot making wasn't as good with my Revo. However with continued practice it is at least as good now. Think it is making me concentrate more, which I should have been doing anyway.

Will this be a long term player for me? Time will tell, but if my accuracy continues to get a little better, it will.

If you like carbon fiber shafts with really small diameter, you should at least try out this cue if you can.
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