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I love this freakin' game
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Headed back to school soon and having to walk away from the game again, or at least put it on the way back burner.

A couple nights ago I was struggling, while chatting with a buddy, saying I was trying to get back in stroke just one more time and how before I had to lay it down again and focus on other things, I would love to beat the 10-ball ghost.

I practiced with a buddy, really struggling all night. I have beaten him 22-3, and a "normal" practice session is a comfy 2-1, 15-7, 21-10, something like that.

We play random rack, 10-ball on a nice GC3 w 4.5" pockets and medium wear Simonis 860.

Well this night I scrrrrrrrrraped by an ugly 10-9 win, before he left, so I was NOT having a great night. Parts were working, but I was inconsistent.

I was still itchy; I was breaking well, but I had dogged a lot of easy balls, and made a lot of good shots. :confused:

So I decided to try and focus up, to play the ghost one short set, race to 7, just to see. (I play the ghost random rack, hard, tournament style break, no patterns, no soft "pattern" break.)

Long story short I struggled, and was inconsistent but I won in a squeaky thriller 7-6 after falling behind 0-3 and 6-4. I dogged a 7, an 8, hooked myself on a 9 (illustrated below) and even hung a near straight in 10.

The hill-hill rack was TOUGH, right down to the 10-ball, 2mm off the rail, 2" from the side pocket.

I know it's only a short set, and doesn't prove anything, but it's the first set I've EVER beaten the 10-ball ghost, and damnit, I'm proud of it. :D

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Here's the last three from the hill-hill rack. Nothing amazing, just enough to make me sweat. I got a little flat on the 8.

Not wanting to lose by scratching 9 to 10, I under hit the 9 a little and ended up with a tougher than I would like hill-hill 10-ball.

What the hell, a win's a win. :grinning-moose:

For humor's sake, here's a last three I screwed up, hooking myself almost frozen to the 10.

Yeah, I know, I could screw up a wet dream. :banghead:

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...and for the record, here's what I meant to do.

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I love this freakin' game
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LOL, I know right? :speechless:

It's amazing how your stroke either tightens or gets really juicy when you least expect it...

....just cuz that mean ole ghost is breathing down your neck. ;)