Good things coming from Hillibilly


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I had the pleasure of meeting Charlie "Hillbilly" Bryant as he represented his company, Dreamline Promotions, a couple of weeks ago at a tournament in south Louisiana. I must say, he is a true ambassador for the sport. He was very approachable and a likable guy. Our conversation started as a basic "meet and greet" but eventually turned into an impromptu verbal pool lesson. He shared a few tips and pointers as well homework drills for me over the next couple of weeks.

.....Again, in what sport can you approach a pro/champion and have such an easy flowing conversation with tips to boot?

Like a good student, I have been working on the drills but wanted to reassure a few points with Charlie; so, I called him (he had provided his number at our first meeting). He not only reinforced the techniques but also shared a few more pointers. Again, I must say that I have never shot with him nor has he seen me at the table but the manner in which he explains things is very easy to understand. Also, he is presenting things in ways that I have never read in books or seen in videos.

.....Man, this guy is nice.

Also, EXPECT GOOD THINGS in the way of lessons, tips, techniques, and strategies from Charlie in the near future. He has just applied the first coat of paint to his home game room and is working on plans for reasonably priced pay-per-view/streaming lessons in the near future. We are talking about the cost of a couple drinks from the machine or a couple beers from the bar. This information is being leaked with his permission and what an opportunity for average players like myself!

Thanks Charlie for helping true enthusiasts of the sport of billiards/pool.