Got a 32" cue but and shaft.


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Can not :confused:find case to fit. Can anyone poit me in the correct direction??

red stevens

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long cue case

I have a Porper case which was made extra long. Will hold a 35 inch butt counting the pin. I think they are still out there but are not common. Search Porper extra long case and see what you find. They are very reasonably priced and decent quality but nothing like a custom.
Hope this helps you.


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Depending what you want to spend, you can try Volturi Cases. Roger can pry build you something for a VERY reasonable price and turn around time.



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Unless you go custom, Proper is the only one I found to fit a 32" butt.

I got mine from John Barton, love the case.
He makes an amazing product.

Thank you John.
I love my case.

Here is the like to Muellers that has it.,5686.html

Our stock Basic Rugged cases fit up to 32".

In fact all of our cases will fit that but the ones with zipper tops have about 3/4" of extra room. We try to build all of our cases to fit up to 32" up to the lip of the case.

The thing is that people often don't measure the total length of their parts. They will say I have a 64" cue but fail to include the joint pin when the cue is apart making the butt actually 33". So I always ask people to measure the exact length. It is no problem for us to add length to a case and if it's only a few inches then we do it at no charge.

As well I should mention that we build all of our cases to accept lengths of 28.5" to 32" with the access to the cues being the same for any length in that range as standard. No tipping the case to get shorter parts out and no need to install spacers to be able to reach the shorter parts.

But if you do want spacers then we offer the easiest ones on the market. Totally easy to install and remove with no tools at all and invisible when installed.

Here is a video that shows off your case Tom.