Greensboro, NC pool halls?


I'll be in Greensboro next month and may have a couple days to kill over the weekend. Where can I hit some balls? How much $/hr rate?


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Gate City Billiards

Gate City Billiards is a nice well run room. A bunch of 9 ft GC lV'S and a few Diamond bar boxes. Some good food served up by the restaurant next door.

There are some others but this is my fav. Enjoy your stay in the Boro.


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Gate city is great, and they keep their equipment clean. Jake's Billiards is nice too and has plenty of regulars that will shoot with just about anyone. Buy $5 worth of food and they give you free pool 7 days a week. Good food to boot. They have a Gandy Big G, and a bunch of Medalists.