Has anyone tried to "cast" a coupler?


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my snooker cue is fine but I'd like a shorter butt. Its made offshore but seems of good enough quality.. I bought it used from a friend so I'm not sure who sold it. im the thrd owner.. If I remember right it says san yuen or something similar. My girlfriend bought a nice English made one 300 bucks, its nicer, marginally, but the threads are different again. hers is 18 oz mine is 17 and she would likely trade me.. she likes the weight of mine but so do I . her cue also has extensions but there is no way the extension can fit the shaft. they re both different enough not to interchange, but very similar.

the problem is I can't seem to find a coupling that will mate with it. It has a precision sleeve and both male and female threads that are difficult to replicate.
As a way around non movable obstacles, I can unscrew the butt and just use the shaft , I'm doing that often, but then it could be a foot longer.. its slightly awkward using half my cue..

I was thinking that if I could replicate the butt's threads with a molding process, this may work.. I do have a machinists lathe but replicating the part is very difficult due to its shape and precision.
I put one small drop of 3 in 1 oil on it once a week or so then wipe all I can off just so it's a bit lubed and not "picking up", since I unscrew it often. the parts are precision enough that even with just a small drop if I don't wipe it all off I have suction or cushion effect by the air trying to escape the joint.

I know I can run out and buy a cue with joints that are more standardized, I'll do that when I'm rich bit for now I just want a bit shorter butt and dont want to destroy a good cue to get that.

it does have extensions on the butt, one is an extendable aluminum one the other is about 5" and plastic. I'd be fine with a plastic end that could extend my 3/4 shaft.. Most shots I can do with it full length.

maybe an alternative is to buy some straight but inexpensive i piece? snooker cue and just cut it off? Id prefer if I can adapt mine so it can shorten, but that is an option. Id like to provide a bit shorter one for guests who are learning, so they aren't whacking the walls while finding their way about.

there are various flexible molding compounds I an use and epoxy, and they can pick up good detail so I think It could replicate threads that work. it might not be impossible to make it from wood and use epoxy or similar for the joint itself. I should be able to align it or turn it based upon the joint as my center.. I thought maybe I can chuck that or put it between centers to turn it to get it true after installing the coupler,, or something similar ?
Any thoughts or ideas for an economic and practical solution would be appreciated.

epoxy in itself isn't that strong on its own, Ill often mix in wood dust or small fragments, I could add some other fiber to strengthen epoxy,, if I manage to snap it off in the hole maybe I'd have a problem removing it but it's probably possible..
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